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thoughtcreep (n) - the process whereby your own mind's tendency to free associate gets out of control.

It was just like interrogation. "They gave me a grasshopper." Truth serum lust by the Man - tell us all you know, you heathen. Subject-to-subject movement at an extremely rapid pace throughout the minute - like attention deficit disorder, except your attention is TOO focused. You remember the core idea even as you move beyond it. Ever been faced with a task like a programming project, where you know you have to do something, but you're ONLY ONE GUY, and it's like a fifteen-man task? This is when thoughtcreep happens. You go out of control into cortex overload trying to get your shit together. Precursor to feature creep, except you understand how it all fits together, unlike senior management.

It's like a disease, man, growing in my HEAD. I can't stop it. Cell division after cell division, expand this idea into a tree, think about how I can apply this technology or that. Or people. Associating relationships to others, musing back and forth, but it's not idle, it's not background noise, it's overwhelming.

swarm intelligence to Bayesian theory to kissing her soft lips. What's the probability? Can I use Perl for this? What's the lifecycle of a 1969 VW Beetle? Did they even make those then?

Not thinking too much is a healthy thing. Just relax. Deep breaths. Try to meditate.


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