This is a term that is used to (usually) describe someone (often to someone else) that has, in recent days/weeks experienced some sort of (usually love life) trauma.

For me (as far as I can remember) this occurs before the realisation that I have, in fact, fallen in love. (note: In actuality, this occurs far more after the rejection that the other party makes after I confess).

I'm not quite sure how it works, or what makes it happen (the thinking part) but I'm sure that I can't stop it happening, and it's inevitable that after I overdose on thinking, something bad happens to me.

For example: I'd been doing too much thinking about a previous girlfriend (she wasn't previous whilst I was doing the thinking, I hasten to add), the following things happend:

  • She dumped me.
  • At a nightclub
  • With no reason
  • She proceeded to make out with someone else the whole night
  • In full view of me.
  • I knew the guy quite well.
  • The next day, a bird crapped on my head
  • The day after that, I almost cut the end of my thumb off with a sharp breadknife

Quite a long list isn't it. So currently, I'm thinking too much about someone else... I'm not looking forward to the next few days.

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