i think this is for when you feel crazy.. i am sorry not everyone will understand.

i can not touch it or even think about it while i sit here holding everything and it is just that i would tell the strangest stranger i could find my entire head's contents in a matter of seconds if anyone could listen that fast. if i didn't get so tired just thinking about everything i am feeling and everything i haven't even had a chance to feel yet. how is it that so many people can just move with all this stuff floating around, all of this pain and love and hurt and i can't seem to function when i am this anything. and i would fall into you so hard if you told me you know what i am talking about, that it all makes sense and our heads could just melt into eachother, what else can they do when they are so heavy.

i don't think many really care, and i know that is the entire issue, is anyone else crawling into some little hole of nothingness in an attempt to get away even for a second (a half). i forget breathing and i guess that is all you can really focus on sometimes.

she is beautiful. i hardly know her but she is gorgeous and her head has given me back so much, with pages and more words than anyone has bothered giving to me in so long. i need words, i need to know that i'm not the only one who goes insane just thinking and i need to know that she exists, they exist. they need to always exist.

i can be alone, here, i need to be probably, but i can't be the only one at all. so if you could all just live for me, even when it gets beyond that point.. i'll stare at the moon and think and i'll love you without a second thought just because it's what you've done for me. i can love this insanecrazyheadthatdoesn'tstop, and maybe you can love yours, too, even when it just hurts.

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