So I see her from behind and she's nicely dressed as ever. Perhaps I notice women's business clothing more as I can scruff around in jeans and t-shirts. She's part of the same company I work for, but we're pretty much a law unto ourselves, I've only seen her when she's manged some projects, or in the wine bar on a Friday night. She's always friendly, always full of smiles, which shows off just one dimple. I know she's single, she told me 6 months ago. Maybe that was a hint. She ended up in the Post Office, just where I was heading, and so I ended up in the queue behind her. As the queue moved we were generally chatting, and I offered to bring her back Italian sweets from my business trip this week. She responded with a loud "yes please", and that dimple appeared again. So I jokingly asked her when she was going to run away with me and be my Love Fairy. She giggled. So I bit the bullet and said "Well at least let me take you out for dinner and chat you up all evening". "Ok, yes please, when are you back?".

I didn't expect agreement. I didn't expect please. My brain spins and tells me I am not prepared for the rest of this conversation.

I stalled, tongue tied. She giggled and said she'd email me later as I blushed. And after the email I have 2 weeks worth of nerves. I leave for a conference, and the day I return she goes on holiday. Damn you fate.

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