For the love of god, someone tell me I'm not alone in this...

Every time I get XP, expecially when a node of mine gets ching!ed or I get my vote bonus, I feel like I have to hit the escape key and save my game so I don't lose it. I know this is because of my gazillions of hours playing adventure games, but after the hundredth time you'd think I'd break myself of the habit...

It's funny, I never specifically thought of that in relation to everything, but sometimes I will in dreams or in plain old real life. Once you get into the habit being able to secure your accomplishments by saving, and then having the freedom to act with reckless abandon, it becomes a mode of thought:

Do you think I could annihilate that room of heavily armed guards?

I dunno, save and try. What can it hurt?

What beautiful freedom. Nothing is a risk, because there are no adverse effects, every action is reversable, erasable from existence. Want to ask out the girl you're nuts for? It might be awkward for a second, but if the results are less than optimal, you can undo it so that it never happened. Want to see the reactions you'd get if you walked around nude? Try it. There are no permanent consequences! Life just became that much less tragic.

But since life's not like that, we unfortunately must confine this behavoir to adventure games:

Click eyeball icon on girl

She is a local woman

Click eyeball icon on girl's shirt

She is dressed in common street clothes.

Click eyeball icon on girl's skirt

She is dressed in common street clothes.

Click eyeball icon more accurately directly in the middle of girl's skirt

She begins to look at you strangely

Click hand icon on girl's skirt

She snarls and strikes you down with extreme agility. You are expired.


Damn... :-)

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