i've got this feeling,
right now, that i could soar.
(i'm in want of a building...
any structure where the air is
a bit too cool and the breeze too strong)

i'd risk you to prove it...
would grab your hand and jump into the wind.
(i want to close my eyes and lean.)
haven't felt the want for a tall building in so long...
(i have great faith in the wind.)
i think you'd be beautiful, squinting against the wind.
(i'm sure i could fly tonight...)

up into the silence the green
silence with a white earth in it

I waited, hungrily, for your words. I waited to hear echoes of promises.

i would like to think that maybe,
now and again, you say my name aloud

you will (kiss me) go

You say you won't keep your heart in a box for me? No, you say you can't. You're right, love mm-hm you are

out into the morning the young
morning with a warm world in it

because I have it.

(kiss me) you will go

Don't look.
It's gone.

on into the sunlight the fine
sunlight with a firm day in it

I crept in through your window while you slept.

i hope that i've awakened you. i hope
that you fall back into dreams, think-
ing of me. i hope that you know that
i love you still, probably always.

you will go (kiss me

intentionally stopping short of fairy tale endings--
always thought that your happily-ever-afters would be better

but this is the end.

so drunk--fishnets and platform mary janes.
i wish that i could've tasted your skin just once.
talk to me soon and let me know that i matter--
even if it's just the smallest bit. you'll always
matter to me. know that. know too that there is
a corner of my heart for you, alone. i love you...

down into your memory and
a memory and memory

I've had a box for you forever...
there's a letter inside that I was half afraid to send--the thought of my heart's content as it was when I wrote it travelling from here to there and then resting forever in your hands until you were bored enough to throw it away scared me to death. It's the only reason I haven't sent the box. I'll send it next week but without the letter. At least i'll have the comfort of knowing that my heart is in the hands of the person who knows it best.

i) kiss me (will go)
Tell me stories, you. Tell me lies. Tell me anything that will take me quickly to dreams.

i want so badly to watch you sleep.
i want to kiss your sleeping lips
then lean closer and like a cat,
s t e a l  y o u r  b r e a t h.

((for chloe))

small bolded print--e.e. cummings

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