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(yeah. it's me.)

i disappear. it's what i do, and i'm sorry.
it doesn't mean you aren't thought of.
it doesn't mean you're forgotten.
i remember things that you would not believe.

and while i'm the absolute worst at keeping in touch,
i'm one of the best about keeping you in my thoughts. true story.

+pushin' niceness+


i am dreaming a wall around myself


your best bets are...
or stupid facebook.

you are, of course, very busy. and me--i am busy.
we are both (we are all) too busy.
when the excuses run out, though, there are only regrets.
it is so very difficult to stay afloat with stones in your pocket.

we're doomed in the end.
we can, though, choose to shine while we're here.
we can be stars.

+ + + + + + + + + + +