The slang term for a special kind of digital music. The term comes from tracking where the original common format was the .mod format. Also see: modular music.

These are the little dots on your arms which remind you, and anyone else looking at them, what your hobbies are. In a perfect world, there would be no tracks, because you would carefully wipe the hole where your hobby just went with a nice alcohol pad, then put ice on it to keep it from bruising. You want to avoid bruises at all costs because this tells people more about you than you want them to know.

However, since this is not a perfect world, things sometimes get out of hand. You chuckle to yourself as you look at a particularly sinister dot, right there in the crook of your elbow, where you almost lost a very important piece of the narcotic puzzle one night, long ago. Remember? You had set the needle very carefully and the blood was drawn to make sure you were correct. Then, just as you plunged the hobby into your vein, a knock came upon the door. You lost the vein and then were left with too much blood, along with your hobby, in the needle. This is dangerous, and can lead to hepatitis or worse if you don't get that hobby of yours back into the vein quickly. So you forgot about who might be at the door and began stabbing yourself fitfully in order to achieve the fun your hobby afforded you.

Some have found enjoyment in model trains. Others collect stamps. They perhaps have their own reminders of the little things in life that brought them joy.

You? You have the dots on your arms. The good news? They never go away. The bad news?

They never go away.

Transforms from race car to robot and back!


"Looking good is what life is all about."

Called "lousy Earth-lover" by some fellow Autobots because he prefers sleek Earth car form to original robot form. Thinks they're jealous of his good looks, but they feel struggle against Decepticons should be his top concern. As car goes 280 mph...uses wings under rear fenders for sub-sonic flight. As car or robot uses launcher to fire heat-seeking incendiary missiles 60 miles. Has blinding black beam gun.

  • Strength: 6
  • Intelligence: 6
  • Speed: 7
  • Endurance: 8
  • Rank: 5
  • Courage: 6
  • Firepower: 8
  • Skill: 8
Transformers Tech Specs

Tracks and Blaster enjoyed having an episode or two of the cartoon entirely around them. He just looked cool, both as a Corvette and as a robot (must've been the dark face against the white helmet, or else rocket launchers attached above his head), and was the only one of the second-year large cars not to have a "partner" who used the same mold (Grapple and Inferno, Sideswipe and Red Alert, etc).

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