An idiomatic expression which refers to tests of your patience and endurance. The astute among you will notice that the expression encapsulates redundancy, since trials and tribulations are the same thing.

What might trials and tribulations entail in a practical sense? To get an idea, read a story about bureaucracy by Kafka - The Trial, say - or have a look at poor BaronCarlos' account of his employment as an an e-mail technical support representative. Oh dear.

tomorrow's emancipation

a day's sweat conquered
a lifetime's worth of salty burdens
carried across tribulation's plank
seemingly forever
the heart's weary path
winding in serpent motion
bleeding profusely
in struggle and epiphany
one lambent sunrise
for every resonating beat
piercing the ear of one brother
in recognition of his sister's
coronation to glory.
the decent of a royal tear
emanating a sparkle trail
kneeling before a vision
inspired to envisage
upon that lubberly of a canvas
enlightening one
to the fullfilled end.
beyond omega's horizon
statuesque, proud and pristine
the obelisk of victory
finally its iron portcullis raised
revealing the baroque
embrace of an ancient door
once impossible
to the accommodation
of a depression's refugee
who, in an obligation to a kilo-mile
in foot-steps
endeavors surpassing stumble and fall
feet elephantine in weight and experience
rejoicing toward moments in philanthropy
as one holds on to self-relinquishment
seeking to overcome
all that has perpetuated genocide
o how necessary the consolation
that one can find
even the slightest benevolence
in such a holocaustic time
a time when overwhelmingly
the norm justifies
life's incarceration
of a man to the dungeons
of his greatest adversaries.
such lagging times
purgatorial times
infaliable the lungs needed
to ease breathing
in these uncivilized times.
but behold hope in unrelenting clutches
for the new blueprints are coming
the keys to better doors
visions to prosperous canvases
opportunities to the reclamation
of eden
to all who birth righteousness
enter the doors and posterns
of the obelisk of your victory
for you have lived
to earn its welcome
its accommodation...

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