A type of cat who, through several generations of inbreeding, have abnormally short front legs. Since their creation by Karma Farms in Texas there has been a huge backlash by animal rights groups calling the practice of breeding these cats with useless front legs inhumane. Karma Farms latest project is creating cats with no front legs.
Update 11/11/02: CamTarn informed me that Karma Farms no longer breeds Twisty Cats and will not seek to create further deformations. Perhaps their karma caught up with them (ahh bad joke, sorry).

I usually don't like to put weblinks on e2, but you need to see what these cats look like to understand why so many people are polarized on the issue of twisty cats. Here is a pro-TC page http://www.etexweb.com/personal/speir/twisty/twisty.htm and here is an anti-TC page http://messybeast.com/twisty.htm

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