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Vacant Lot were a Canadian comedy troupe in the early to mid 1990's. Comprised of Paul Greenberg, Nick McKinney(brother of Mark from KITH), Rob Gfroerer, and Vito Viscomi.

Lorne Michaels got them onto Comedy Central in the early days when they only had about 20 hours a week of content and just kept rerunning everything a million times (mostly Monty Python, Absolutely Fabulous, bad 80's comedy movies and two truly brilliant shows: MST3K and Short Attention Span Theater). They only made 6 episodes, so you could see their entire output in an evening. Because they were a Canadian troupe they were routinely compared to Kids In The Hall, Nick being the younger brother of Mark exacerbated this. This isn't really a reasonable comparison, as they are very different styles of comedy. Vacant Lot often did much more abstract and disturbing bits than Kids and had less of the "I'm playing a funny character" vibe (not that I'm slamming Kids, I think Kids are still the best comedy troupe around). On occasion Comedy Central would do a marathon interspersing episodes of each called A Lot of Vacant Kids. The group described themselves as playfully evil. They were purportedly the impetus for Exit 54 getting on the air, as well as Upright Citizens Brigade.

Some of the more memorable bits:

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