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Velium is a substance in the game Everquest. It is created when ice undergoes intense pressure and cold; it can only be found on the frozen continent of Velious.

Velium is malleable and has magical properties. Because of its abundancy, it is used in lieu of metal to forge armor, smith weapons and craft jewelry. Unlike ice, it will not melt when heated. The dragons of the Claws of Veeshan and Velketor the Sorcerer have discovered ways to harness the innate magical powers of velium and use it to create animated golems to assist them as servants and guards.

The Coldain and Rygorr Snow Orcs have estabilished mines to extract the mineral from the ice caverns. These mines are located in the Crystal Caverns and the city of Thurgardin. The crystalline spiders that infest Velketor's Labrynth are prone to carrying pieces of the substance.

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