From the A.Word.A.Day mailing list:
verbigeration (vuhr-bij-uh-RAY-shun) noun

Obsessive repetition of meaningless words and phrases.

{From Latin verbigerare, to talk, chat, from verbum word + gerere, to carry on + -ation.}

"Some words are standard, but with a twist; some are liberated from patriarchal prejudice and restored to archaic meanings; some are new and sharp as an ungrateful crone, and a feast for (Mary) Daly familiars.

A sample:
`Abominable snowmen of androcratic academia: freezers and packagers of learning; chilling throng of frigid fellows, specialists in verbigeration and refrigeration of knowledge.'"

Audrey DeLaMartre, Bible speaks to fill readers with `holy chutzpah', The Star Tribune (Minneapolis), Nov 1, 1987.

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