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Somehow, whilst "surfing" the internet universe the other day, I came upon something strange. I found a heavily photoshopped image of Dick Cheney's smiling head, encased in three rings, with purple fire in the background. The top of the browser window read: "Healing Thought Form around Dick Cheney," and there was a little link at the bottom of the page that led me to an image of Dick Cheney surrounded by angels, and then more spiritually-themed images featuring Dick Cheney and George W. Bush. I traced my way backwards, and found that I was on the site of "The Summit Lighthouse/Church Universal and Triumphant News." I'm not exactly sure what this organization is all about (but I see it has been noded), but I found that they have a whole section of their site that features images designed to help the user meditate on a number of subjects. Some of the areas they cover include Youth, Teens, Middle East, Presidency, Buddah/World, and my personal favorite Drugs/Rock Music. This section contains a number of images of youngsters doing drugs, and one image of the Grateful Dead playing live onstage. What a weird thing.

Visualize for yourself:


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