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A vite is the opposite of a vote, in the same manner that antimatter is the opposite of matter. They are typically carried in the fur of Ass Weasels, and an infestation of Ass Weasels can quickly lead to an infestation of Vites, especially if it is a place where their favorite food is found -- votes. They will eat any vote they can, be it an electronic vote, a paper ballot, or a show of hands. For this reason an infestation of vites is considered legally valid grounds for postponing an election, in most places; recent efforts by Republican state legislatures to ban the practice of postponing on account of vites are being challenged in court.

A vite looks much like a flea, only with white gloves on its hands and a can-do attitude. Can-do describes this little creature very well; they have been known to carry off weights in excess of three tons. Where they store such items is unknown. Besides eating votes, this activity presents the primary danger of a Vite infestation; they will not spoil your food, but they will steal your refrigerator.

In former years, the only way to get rid of a Vite infestation was to formally uninvite them, which always left a few stragglers behind who were perfectly fine being in a place where they were not invited; these days most people use pesticide.

In recent years there have been occasional efforts to domesticate this species, but it has proven quite difficult when the subject keeps carrying its holding pen away.

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