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1 fifth Vodka
1 whole Watermelon

Mixing instructions:
Cut a small, circular whole in the watermelon. Save the piece cut out. Turn the watermelon with the hole facing the ground so any juices drip out.
Slowly pour the vodka into the watermelon (use a funnel if you have one). If you put the liquid too fast into the watermelon, it won't absorb properly. Pop the piece you cut out back into the hole. Shake the melon. Throw it in the fridge for an afternoon.

Or if you want it a bit sweeter:
Mix vodka, 1 cup of grenadine and about 24 ozs of 7-Up in a seperate bowl. Then pour the mix into the melon.

Cut it open and enjoy! Great for the summer (like the fourth of July!)

Note: Some people like to cut the hole in the melon and leave it for an hour or so tipped upside down. This way, the melon has less water in it when you add the vodka and it's not as messy when you cut it open.

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