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A library for Linux that, when used through a wrapper script, has the amazing ability to redirect data being sent to /dev/dsp into a file. It can also act as a beam splitter and record with the audio is playing. Its native output formats are .wav and .au although in theory1 it can be piped to a coverter or encoder.

This program is extremely significant because it demonstrates that secure digital audio is impossible without co-operation by the soundcard. Any authorised decrypting player would have to decrypt the audio before sending to /dev/dsp where it could be intercepted; therefore it could only be secure if the audio could be sent to the soundcard in an encrypted state. Of course a close source operating system could prevent users from pulling vsound tricks in the first place.

I use vsound to record streaming radio shows like this:

vsound --dspout --file=cbc.wav realplay http://www.radio.cbc.ca/cbcradio28.ram

1: I haven't been able to get this to work, yet.

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