Waffenfarbe is a German term for colored piping on the German Uniform that identifies the branch that the soldier is apart of. Colored piping would run down the edges of tunics and shoulder boards, on collar tabs, and well as around the rims of visor hats. It consisted of a different color depending what job or profession the soldier performed. In this manner, an Infantry officer could quickly and easily be differentiated from a calvary officer and so on. Waffenfarbe existed in some form or another on every uniform from the Parade-Dress tunic right down to Field dress. Each branch of the German Armed Forces has its own classification system that has evolved over the years. There have been some waffenfarbe that have remained constant in tradition, such as White for the infantry in the Army. One must remember, however to differentiate between branches. Their systems were mostly separate. While white waffenfarbe in the Army meant Infantry, it was reserved for Generals in the Luftwaffe.

There are charts available online to look up specific colors of Waffenfarbe, especially for the Wehrmacht, as that is a period often studied more than the DDR or other periods of the German military.

If you have a photo or uniform item with a certain waffenfarbe color to it and are unsure of what it stands for, /msg me about it and I will look it up for you.

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