A generic term used to describe the opposing feats of attempting to achieve greatness through doing something as much as possible, rather than doing it less, taking more time, putting more effort, and doing it well. This can be applied to many things: sex, cooking, games, noding, or all of those at once. I think we all appreciate that quality is the desirable approach, but accept that quantity is the easiest solution and the one that a larger percentage of ppl will resort to.

see also Everything: Quality vs. Quantity

Everyone who has played a strategy game will recognise this principle. Because very often this is the case. Some spend time and resources on good, high quality units, while others just massproduce cheap, low quality units.

Accidently the same principle can also be used in context with the second world war. Germany had tanks and better weapons than Russia, but Russia had a huge amount of soldiers. In many of the battles along the eastern front the Germans high quality weapons proved very efficient. But when the Germans first tried to innvade Russia through Norway, their tanks and weapons proved inefficient as the Russians where better clothed and therefor proved more efficient during the long hard winter.

What is better quality or quantity ?
Depends on the context I guess.

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