Science Fiction novel by Rudy Rucker * * *

There is no weirdness like the weirdness of a novel written by a mathematician.

Felix Rayman is leading a life of quiet degeneration as a mathematics instructor at SUCAS, a parochial little state university branch in upstate New York.

It becomes easy to understand the situation Mr Rayman has put himself in when we find that in this publish or perish world, his research consists of attempting to solve the Continuum Problem. People are being fired right and left as a result of state cutbacks and political shenanigans, and he is likely to be next on the list. He even forgot to cover protractors in his Elementary Geometry course.

Then one day someone hands him the book Cimon and how to get there. In what seems like the ravings of a madman, it describes a universe of ideal forms, a land of completed infinities, a sort of Platonist's Dream.

That night, in his dreams, he finds a way to complete an infinity and transport himself to that land. But larger infinities exist...

In succeeding dreams, he finds himself back in Cimon, in a quest to rescue his career and his sanity.

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