A ski term used to describe the effect of a humorous bungle. For example, a virgin of the slopes finally finds him/herself poised and ready for their very first downhill action. With poles in hand they proceed down the bunny hill. Halfway down they trip and crash, loosing two skis, two poles, one glove and a hat. All these items spread out on the hill have the effect of a yard sale. People sailing past on the ski lift have a great vantage point for viewing this spectacle.

If you are the victim you will hear their cries echoing, the hills will be alive with the sound of mockery. Just gather up your pieces quick before the ski patrol approaches you and makes it worse by announcing that you can not sleep on the hill. Children will rush past laughing. Just walk down. If you are offered some cash for your gear just take it. Find your hat and pull it all the way over your face. You had better find your missing tooth quickly and then hobble down to the lodge for some milk and a taxi. Try to get a taxi with an on-sight dentist.

At the lodge they will have a special room for yard salers. Do not make friends with them.

It is best to get out quickly and forge a new life for yourself.

The sign says: Yard sale
it means:

Three levels of desperation

Those in need of almost anything
looking almost anywhere

Those in need of spare cash
willing to sell their insides

Those who drive by
just to watch a tragedy
slower than an accident
uninterrupted by emergency vehicles

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