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One of my old RAs was in the talent show this year, playing his saxophone.
He got up and was playing along to some jazz tape, sounded very good.
He stopped the tape, and then addressed the audience, asked if his girlfriend would come up to the stage.

You see, he had arranged for his girl to come up and help him,
told her that he wanted the audience to dance
and thought they would if she was up there to show them how.

Instead, he asked her to sit in the chair, and he handed her a rose.

The music that poured out of that saxophone was amazing. I knew he could play, but this was something else.
I've seen people become possessed when doing something for someone they love...
this was love you could hear.
It was sweet, it was passionate, at one point it was frenetic, always complex and imaginative.
She looked like she was going to cry.
When it was over, the room was silent, and she stood up and kissed him.

He won the talent show, by the way.

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