(Vacation goals: church, ocean, sleep)


Saturday arrival through intermittent rain, heavy at times. My husband kept reading aloud all the signs along the Garden State Parkway, insistent we should have taken The Turnpike. I gave him the task of counting coins for the tolls. Stressful and unsuccessful.

We would be staying in the lower half of a duplex, my daughter's crew upstairs, also designated the video gaming area, movies, Risk, chess, and general mayhem.  We had discussed the need for a certain schedule so that my husband would not be too disoriented. I showed him real estate photos of the interior every day. Helped him pack his suitcase, which like the toll task gave me different insights into his disordered thinking. Sad.

Power went out several times; I got some candles and wine. My daughter sat with us, she and I getting slightly tipsy, but our combined laughter seemed to calm him, although he kept asking if everyone was safe. Her husband and oldest son arrived after dark, in separate cars, reporting flooded roads, dangerous wind gusts. Dinner was downstairs. The conversations went from hockey to plans for the week, then back to hockey. Relaxing.

Sunday, I walked to St. Peter's-At-The-Light, an Episcopalian church I love from previous summers. Stayed for the unexpected annual potluck, the congregation a mix of weathered fishermen, wealthy people who either live here all year or this is one of several homes, plus those of us who vacation here. Had a nice chat with the Vicar, sat with a Presbyterian mother and son, he about to enter Seminary, but didn't want to discuss the sermon about vulnerability. They had limp handshakes and no sense of humor. Food heavenly.



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