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A mutator for Unreal Tournament which uses client-side hit detection to make playing games with the sniper rifle, Instagib rifle, shock rifle, and enforcer feel almost like playing on a LAN. It helps on modem connections and high speed connections alike. On my so-called 56Kbps connection (which really is 24Kbps), it actually makes Instagib and sniper arena games playable, even enjoyable.

To play Zeroping (zp) games, all you have to do is find a server running the Zeroping mutator and join the game. The required client side code will automatically be downloaded the first time you play zp.

Finding Zeroping games

Most server ops follow the convention of beginning Zeroping game names with "|zp|" to make it easier to locate them. Some operators don't follow this convention, but often will say "Zeroping" or "Accugib" in the game title.

Seeing the difference

If you want to really see the difference that Zeroping makes, join an Instagib game you can press the alternate fire button to use the original, non-ZP, Instagib rifle. Compare the responsiveness of it with the modified (primary fire) rifle.

Zeroping is the Savior of modem players!

Zeroping website: http://zeroping.home.att.net

zeroping may mean that UT is easier to play for modem players, but it is considered cheating by quite a lot of people. Because it is the client that decides when you have hit someone, and not the server, the client can be modified slightly to assist the player. There are other methods of cheating that do not need extra programming that I am not going to mention here, so as not to give people ideas.

Okay, someone with a vote doesn't like the idea of ZeroPing being thought of as a cheat - but it's true - a lot of people do think of it that way.

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