An active ingredient in Desitin (TM), a diaper rash ointment, as well as in the many generics available. Also found in some (not all that common) sunscreens: that "white nose" look.

When used in diaper rash ointment, it is combined with oil, lanolin, talc, and artificial fragrances. It helps protect the skin against chafing and provides a layer of protection for damp (groin) areas. It feels grainy, moist and it lubricates, but not nearly as much as something like Vasoline.

When used in sunscreens, it provides UV blocking.

Zinc Oxide is used as a pigment in all mediums of artists' paints. Usually called Zinc White, it has a soft white hue which is not as cool as Titanium White or as warm and rich as Flake White (Lead based). Zinc White is the most transparent of the main white pigments, and has the lowest tinting strength. Because it is inexpensive and non-toxic, Zinc Oxide is also a part of most mixed whites, usually sold under brands such as Permalba.

The ATSM abbreviation for the pigment Zinc Oxide is PW 4

First known use as a pigment was in France in the late 1700s. The pigment was introduced to the USA before 1825.

--Sources include The Artist's Handbook of Materials and Techniques by Ralph Mayer

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