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The Society for the Eradication of l33t Speak, formerly based in a cubical on Mir but now opperating out of the Geofront, is dedicated to destroy the abuse of l33t speak by educating script kiddies that their speech and actions are most generally not cool when used in bulk, and that the rest of hackerdom looks down upon them for their lameness. Nothing is wrong with the occasional insertion of l33t for use as a sarcastic emphasis online or for the purpose of humor, but when such behavior overwhelms one's real life communication, it's time to seek serious help. As such, SELS teaches script kiddies to overcome their lameness by:
  • Learning to program Perl, C, C++, and more!
  • Re-introducing them to their native language (and also provides for education in other languages as well, to further reinforce proper communications.)
  • Giving them successful jobs in the Big Blue Room
  • Re-introducing them to society (Who am I kidding?I can't even get along with normal people!)
--OutpostMir-- and Tiefling are members of SELS, /msg me if you wish to join.
Actually stylee,I created the node,but Tiefling got a writeup for it before I could. And thank you Tiefling for putting your writeup back up.