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(If you have no idea what I'm talking about here, consult the Invader Zim node first.)

Advanced Irken technology is actually pretty advanced, but it's rarely actually Irken in origin. More likely, the technology was stolen from other races that had been enslaved by the Irken Empire. So, technically, it's advanced technology stolen by the Irken Empire.

Regardless of its origin, the technology gives the Irken Empire (a race of short, green-skinned creatures with a bad case of collective megalomania, led by the sarcastic and often tyrranical Almighty Tallest) a great advantage in conquering the known Universe.

Such technology includes the S.I.R. unit (a small information retrieval robot designed to assist an Irken Invader in infiltrating and subsequently conquering his assigned planet), a variety of ships and weaponry too advanced to contemplate, and of course the ubiquitious MegaDoomer - a hulkingly huge unstoppable fuckton of steel and enough firepower to obliterate a small nation, but whose most amazing feature is indisputably its charming "chicken legs".

Of course, not all advanced technology is without its faults. Zim, having received a MegaDoomer by mistake, is unfortunately too late to realize that the clever cloaking device of this machine only cloaks the machine itself, not its occupant. And we hardly need to mention his constantly malfunctioning S.I.R. unit, who seems more preoccupied with playing with plush toys and eating spicy Mexican delights than actually doing anything productive.

Regardless, the Irken Empire's quest for universal conquest - dubbed Operation Impending Doom 2 - rages on.