A percussion technique which makes extreme and exclusive use of the rebound of the drum stick that occurs when you strike something with it.

Rather than using the wrist or fingers to absorb the rebound and push the stick back down, you merely control the vertical track the stick is on and let the rebound fully occur.

When the stick is on the way back down, the wrist is brought above the hand which is exactly the opposite of where the wrist is when you first struck the surface. This motion of the wrist, when timed correctly, creates yet another impact and rebound.

Once this is practiced until one fluid motion causes the stick to hit the surface twice, each note played may eventually be diddled with further practice, so that one fluid motion actually creates four stick impacts.

Hence, the elusive but not impossible one-handed roll can be achieved. You've never seen drummers look so impressed or dumbfounded when you do this in front of a crowd of them and none of them understand what's going on or how you're doing it.

They're like cavemen after that. Seriously.