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The Lord Flashheart described above is probably a descendent from the Lord Flasheart who appears in the first episode of Blackadder II (Bells). In this episode he is in fact Blackadder’s old friend, and, whilst his character is the same, he is not seen to be a complete jerk, but instead a man with a lot (and I mean A LOT) of charisma and an equally huge libido

When he arrives at Blackadder’s wedding as best man, it is revealed that all the women including Queenie have crush on him (he also claims that God, who Melchet worships, worships him), but he is more interested in Blackadder’s fiancé Bob... I mean, Kate. The episode ends with the happy couple (Flashheart and Kate) riding off into the distance, leaving Blackadder to work out how not to marry Baldrick.

Flashheart also claims he always feels more comfortable in a dress.