The old man stepped into the door frame with the manner of a great proud beast whose authority had just been threatened by a gnat:


Faith is leaving your family and everything you know to move across the ocean to a land you know nothing about.

Faith is looking at the world after it knocked you down and grinning.

Faith is getting on one knee in front of the woman you love and advancing the most ridiculous idea your mind could conceive.

Faith is her looking over your fidgety self and between sparkly tears proving she's got no more sense than you do.

Faith is promising a new born pile of snot with a heart beat and some leaky valves that you're going give it the best live there be gotten, never mind you haven't scanty notion what that entails.

Faith is going to your editor hour before due, telling him you wrote something as far from what he asked as Thailand, but not to worry cause it'll win awards up the left bucket.

Faith is two guys fifty bucks each taking on the sum wheel o smelly cheese.

You think cause you read some fairy tale book your friends read, some clueless gnat tell you what it's all about, you can come here and demand answers form me? Think your mortician plastered smile make me think you're the bright shining example of future generation? Think cause you're here spreading your threadbare hysteria stead o shooting smack makes you wise? Look at you. Your whole existence turns round you doing what your told and liking it. You feel guilty if you have think about wearing shoes your num nuts friends don't approve of.

Don't you tell me 'bout faith. Don't you fucking dare.