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Enemy data c/o game data files and source

CLASS: Arachnoid, Juvenile
METABOLISM: ectothermous, arthropod
PERCEPTION: primitive sentient race
SIZE: 10 ft
HOSTILITY: extreme
WEAPONS: chain-gun, tail sting
THREAT: high

SCORE: 1000


A holy warrior from a primitive race evolved from arthropods. Extremely hostile due to their religious convictions.
Carries a chaingun with ammo-replenisher in one hand. Exoskeleton covers entire Arachnoid's body and provides good protection against bullets, explosives and fire.


- Dangerous sting - do not approach too closely
- Will shoot through their own ranks in fury

Another enemy to be respected. Unlike any other foe in the game, their ranged attacks cannot be avoided or shot down -- the only defense against their chainguns is to take cover until they stop firing! And of course, before you can dive for cover, you have to find out where that hail of bullets is coming from...
But once you do know where they are, they ain't so tough. The unique property of the arachnoids is that though they are fairly resilient for their size, they 'stun' very easily. A simple tommygun barrage is enough to keep them helpless long enough to wipe them out, and shotgun attacks work nearly as well. And for the truly heroic, there's always that knife...