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Enemy data c/o game data files and source

CLASS: Arachnoid, Adult
METABOLISM: ectothermous, arthropod
PERCEPTION: primitive sentient race
SIZE: 20-25 ft
HOSTILITY: extreme
WEAPONS: chain-gun, tail sting
THREAT: high


A holy warrior from a primitive race evolved from arthropods. Extremely hostile due to their religious convictions.
Carries a chaingun with ammo-replenisher in one hand. Exoskeleton covers entire Arachnoid's body and provides good protection against bullets, explosives and fire.


- Dangerous sting - do not approach too closely
- Will shoot through their own ranks in fury

The same deal as their juvenile spawn, only much more so. Their chaingun attacks can cut a player to ribbons in no time flat, they can soak up huge amounts of firepower, and their tail attack knocks off a flat one hundred health a stroke.
The upside is this: laziness. Just as with the juvenile of the species (but of course, much more so), the adult enjoys the sedentary lifestyle, moving to seek out the player very rarely. They also share their succeptibility to 'stunning' -- although you will of course need relatively larger weapons to achieve the same effect: miniguns work well, and so do rockets using the 'cover dancing' technique. This is where the player pops out from cover just long enough to fire off a rocket at the foe, waits until they hear it hit, and then dashes out again while the arachnoid is stunned to launch off another three or four rockets to seal the kill.

SERIOUSLY USELESS FACT: The Sacred Yards level is a seriously weird place, and home to some seriously weird enemies... and none weirder than the dreaded 'chibi' arachnoid. These miniature terrors are roughly the size of a large cat, fond of running along the ceilings, and yet possess all the firepower of the full-size brethern. Needless to say, they are extremey dangerous -- not to metion uniquely humiliating to get killed by...

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