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Am I the only one?

I read Cryptonomicon, and spent the next six months knee-deep in amateur cryptography. I spent a ton of money on books related to the subject, downloaded huge quantities of cryptographic algorithms, and even wrote my own (moderately okay) instant messaging encryption program.

Then, as suddenly as it had come on, the interest withered and died.

Next it was yo-yo's. About eight weeks, a couple of broken fingernails, four sets of strings, five yo-yo's, and two yo-yo trick books later, and I'm done again.

A short while ago, I started cartooning. I've got a concept, a character, some plot points, and a couple dozen sketches-- even two fairly complete strips. But I know that my interest will wane. It's inevitable.

I am cursed with a propensity for disposable hobbies. I hold season tickets to the Short Attention Span Theatre. I am obsessive about my compulsions. I am just like my father.