In my opinion. A highly enjoyable film.

Walter mentions that the film has one "implausible flaw". I noticed several things that struck me as odd in the film. I may be wrong about these things, and by all means feel free to correct me.

Firstly, in the panic room there are three large crates filled with various survival equipment. Surely amongst this stuff there would be something high in sugar content. Barley sugars or something. Aren't there always chocalate bars and the like in that sort of thing? Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the diabetic caught in hostage style situation is nowhere near as prolific in real life as it is in fiction.

Who is Raul? Why is he invited along? Other than to provide a menacing, truly evil protagonist to counter the flawed heart of gold protagonist of Forrest Whittakers Burnham.

I'm sure there probably is a rational explanation for this one, but how is the panic room supported? When Raul bashes through the floor below we see a shot of the solid steel underbelly sitting on top several timber rafters. Is this enough? I was half expecting it to fall on top of them.

Anyway the last thing i would like to say is that maybe in New York you DO NOT get put on hold on 911 (are you sure it's NEVER happened Walter?) but in other parts of the world you certainly do. When my families house caught fire several years ago, my mother dialed the emergency number (000 here in Australia) she was asked what service she required then waited on hold for five minutes as smoke billowed into the room she was in. Eventually she had to abandon the phone and consequently the house burnt to the ground.