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A kind of spear thrower used by the Arunia, Luritja, Urmatjera and Kaitish tribes of Australia. It consists of a broad lanceolate blade of mulga wood (Acacia Aneura), tapering off at both ends. It is almost always decidedly concave, but sometimes nearly flat.

At one end it has a small wooden point attached by means of a lump of resin firmly bound by sinew. At the opposite end there is a still larger mass of the same material which not only makes a handle, but holds a flake of flint which forms the most useful cutting implement of the tribes that use this form of thrower.

The broad surface makes it inefficient as a thrower, but, on the other hand it serves a treble purpose. First as a thrower, second as a cutting implement, and third as a receptacle for certain things, such as decorative materials and blood, and is often used during ceremonies.