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An exercise in manual dexterity and coordination. It takes more practice than twiddling one's thumbs or twiddling a coin since it requires being balanced on your thumb as it twirls. I first learned of this technique through associating with members of my High School's Debate Team.

1. Begin by holding out your right hand (reverse if left handed) vertically as if you are going to shake someone elses.

2. Grip your favorite pencil or pen with the middle finger and thumb while your index finger rests on the eraser end. Your Thumb should rest about 1/3rd the distance between your middle (halfway down the pencil) and index finger (It will probably be best to find the center of gravity of the pencil beforehand as this is essential to the exercise since the pencil will be spinning there) The center of gravity should be about halfway between your thumb and middle finger.

3. Twist your hand so the pencil is horizontally level.

4. Gently flick the pencil with your middle finger so that it will spin counterclockwise (avoid moving the rest of your hand). The pencil should spin freely in its center on the back of your thumb.

5. Practice stopping it by opening up your hand to catch it in a way that you can easily set it up again by a quick manipulation.

Start practicing this for a few minutes a day at your desk preferably where no one can see you, since when first starting out you will drop your writing utensil a lot. Do NOT practice this in a company meeting or during a high school test as your Boss or Teacher will not appreciate you constantly dropping the pencil. Save these occasions for when you master this technique, Grasshopper, so you can impress your friends with your Pen-fu-madskillz and possibly pick up that cute Cheerleader or Office Lady you've had your eye on...(Ok, maybe not, but it is still quite impressive to keep the pencil in constant motion without skipping a beat)