Nightlife Mingus, floruit 1950s, was a cat, the pet of noted jazzman/iac Charles Mingus. He was a tuxedo tomcat, particularly intelligent according to his owner (although we have noticed that cat owners in general tend to always claim that their particular cats are either remarkably intelligent or remarkably stupid), and may or may not have been in possession of notable musical talent: an anecdote records that Mingus had agreed to score a film or something, but was unable to work because »the cat is shitting all over my music sheets«. The producer of the film came over with some lackeys and cleaned Mingus' place(!), but he again complained that »I can't work here, it's too clean! I have to wait for the cat to shit on my music sheets«.

Possibly as a consequence of the above story, Nightlife is unquestionably now most famous for being the subject of Charles' 1954 treatise The Charles Mingus CAT-alog for Toilet Training Your Cat, a complete and detailed instruction manual on how to make your cat use the bathroom like a human person. Thankfully, this monograph, no doubt the last word on its subject, was saved for posterity, and its text can be found reproduced online, on the official Charles Mingus website. You can also listen to an abridged reading of it, here.