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West had never been much of an adventurer. He grew up in a town filled with a lot of land, but not many people. On weekends he sailed on the bay and spent long afternoons with his best friend who he'd known his whole life. It was early in the morning on Sunday and West was in his boat anchored on the bay with his best friend Jo. It was summertime and today was calculated to be the longest day of the year. It had been Jo's idea to spend the night out on the boat with a basket of food to watch the sunrise and sunset. So they had spent the night looking at the stars in the tiny boat, comfortable with their bodies barely touching as they waited patiently for the approaching dawn.

They'd been silent all night and as the sky changed from deep blue to light orange West turned to look at Jo and felt a change in the atmosphere. It was a calm day with no wind in the air and his instincts told him to sit up and fearfully scan the bay in case there was an approaching sea inhabited enemy. As he glanced the waters he felt the presence of something around him, but he couldn't visibly see a change in his surroundings. His heart began to race, his head felt dizzy and he felt the heat of the day settle on his shoulders. His best friend Jo sat upright next to him and she looked around possibly having felt it to. The presence moved its way around them. He turned to Jo his eyes wide as the mystical presence filled his body. It started in his brain dancing in circles and traveled down his face making his cheeks feel even hotter than the heat of the morning sun. It continued to move down his throat through his chest finding its home within his heart. He looked into Jo's eyes and she stared cautiously back at him.

He touched her hand and the presence exploded throughout his body flowing in unison with his blood cells. When he was able to finally speak he said, "Do you feel that, it's all around me." She nodded and replied "It's all around me too." They sat there holding hands as the sun took over the sky. West thought about what little he had seen in his life, the occasional shooting star, cod fish, the way the waves rolled when his boat soared towards the horizon after having caught a sturdy breeze. He touched his best friend's face and gently kissed her as the sun nestled behind the horizon and the stars scattered across the sky. He pondered the possibility of forces greater than anything rational beings could possibly fathom. 'Was it possible to feel something we couldn't begin to understand, something as mystical as love. Was it possible for love to discover someone, for love to somehow discover me.' He pulled away from Jo to catch his breath and the reflection of the stars in her eyes dissolved any lingering questions floating around in his head.