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I decided to go and join the IRON NODER 3 dealy-o. Problem: I am awful at actually doing things without having a checklist. There are some nodes I've been meaning to do for a long time. A lot of stub nodes are hidden on my computers and storage. I am a chronic rewriter. I've rewritten a few portions of this bloody paragraph a few times. If you have any ideas of what I should contribute, let me know. Some of the homebrewing stuff is being split up according to a paradigm laid out by Kai, a homebrewing scientist.

  1. Joe's Ancient Orange Mead
  2. Homebrewing: Milling
  3. Homebrewing: Mashing
  4. Homebrewing: Sparging and Lautering
  5. Homebrewing: Boiling
  6. Homebrewing: Chilling
  7. Homebrewing: Fermenting
  9. MAKE! DO! BE!
  10. Ride a century
  11. Homebrewing: DO SCIENCE TO IT!
  12. BJCP: Certification
  13. BJCP: Style categories
  14. Being a political black sheep
  15. Homebrewing 20x: Partial Mashing
  16. Homebrewing 20x: Kegging
  17. Homebrewing 10x: Temperature control and yeast treatment
  18. Homebrewing 30x: Going All-grain
  19. Homebrewing 20x: A Partial Mash brewday
  20. Homebrewing 30x: An All-grain brewday


With Stoplights In Port Orchard, Washington! Anything in parethesis is telling you what precedes it is.

  • 1! Sedgwick (road) and Sidney (road)
  • 2! Sedgwick and SR-16 South onramp/offramp
  • 3! Sedgwick and SR-16 North onramp/offramp
  • 4! Sedgwick and Bethel
  • 5! Sedgwick and Jackson
  • 6! Bethel and Wal-Mart (shopping complex)
  • 7! Bethel and Lund
  • 8! Lund and Jackson
  • 9! Lund and Sidney
  • 10! Tremont and Truck Route
  • 11! Tremont and Sidney
  • 11! Tremont and Housing Complex/Hospital
  • 12! Jackson and Mile Hill (road)
  • 13! Mile Hill and Woods Road
  • 14! Mile Hill and South Park Grocery Complex
  • 15! Mile Hill and South Kitsap High School/South Kitsap Mall
  • 16! Bay Street and Annapolis (road)
  • 17! Bay Street and Sidney

Yep, that's the list of all the stoplights in my hometown. A whole whopping 17! And I am fairly sure none of the 'burbs have any stoplights, so that doesn't really matter. I just remember there being very few stoplights there and no more than four lanes in a road.