One of the principal characters in Isaac Asimov's Foundation Series. Her stated background was as a Historian at the Streeling University on Trantor, the capital planet of the Empire. She was introduced in the book Prelude to Foundation as an ally to Hari Seldon during his flight from the Emperor, which was caused by desire to posess his theories of psychohistory. She because his bodyguard during his subsequent travels on Trantor, and later became his wife and consort.

Later in the series it is discovered that she was working for Chetter Hummin, the man who made Hari aware of his plight, who himself turns out to be the Emperor's assistant Eto Demerzel, the true decision maker of the Empire, who is later revealed to be R. Daneel Olivaw, the robot from Asimov's Caves of Steel/Robots of Dawn set of books.

Forward the Foundation elaborates on her life with Hari, and the conditons of her death and subsequent revelations of Hari Seldon reveal that she as well was a robot, though her origins were never dealt with in the same detail as those of R. Daneel Olivaw.