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ConAgra, with $27 billion in yearly sales, is second only to Phillip Morris in word-wide food sales. ConAgra, while not a name that is familiar to most consumers, owns more than 35 of the most popular food brands including:

The above is just a listing of their retail arm. ConAgra is also very large in foodservice, meat packing and agriculture.

ConAgra Foods was founded by Alva Kinney in 1919 as Consolidated Mills. Over the years, Consolidated Mills, through mergers and acquisitions came to be quite large. In 1971, Consolidated Mills became ConAgra which derives itself from Latin, “with the Earth”. Through the 1980s, Con Agra acquired many of the brands it is most known for today. During that decade, ConAgra mushroomed from a $1 billion to a $20 billion company.

ConAgra is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol CAG.