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After the Sperry/Burroughs merger, one of Unisys' favorite slogans was "The Power of 2". Am I the only one to see a connection with Charmed?

OK, on from conjecture to fact! Among other things, Unisys sells some rather average Personal Computers (PCs). I didn't say "builds" because these boxes are actually made in the Far East by Fujitsu, a corporation better known for producing cars than PCs. However, they (Unisys) also built a fairly cool PC, mostly for the military. I don't know its model name, but it became known as the Desert Storm PC. The case was made of steel and it would continue to function after being dropped from a height of one meter (about three feet).

Unisys, or actually Sperry UNIVAC, built a series of mainframe computers called the UNIVAC Series 1100 (writeup on this later, I promise) running an operating system called OS 1100.