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A few corrections --

Just like in English, not every word in Czech is capitalized. Ahem. So... (without accent marks, which makes this all look very funny to me as I write it...)

"I'm very hungry" -- Mam velky hlad.
Chleb is indeed officially bread, although like English, spoken Czech rarely respects official Czech in the basics. Say "chleba" instead. (Ch = "hard h" -- pretend you're gasping for breath.)
Goulash -- gulas (pronounced like in English)
Fried cheese -- smazeny syr (smahzheny syr, with both "y"'s being like the "ee" in "cheese").
"Roliky" -- Rohliky (Rohleeky -- the h, like all letters in Czech, is not silent.)

I'll agree that the Czechs are not the masters of delicate cuisine. Now imagine being vegetarian and living there... you get really used really fast to smazeny syr... until you can't take it any more and stop eating in restaurants or start eating meat, or both.