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I can't seem to grasp why she decided to hide,
the side of herself in which I so deeply admired.
Why she couldn't be honest about her feelings and fears,
Why she never showed love, or shed one single tear,
Without copious amounts of red wine in her system,
Without being too drunk to care about what she said, or who was listening.
It was such a sad realisation, that she would never love me,
Not when she was sober, while she was thinking clearly.
I can't forget nights spent with her in my arms,
Talking of life and just enjoying our time.
But the memories that stand out, above everything else,
Are how she shielded herself from how we both felt.
How the following day felt like last night never happened,
And how she spoke to me like I was nothing more than a friend.
I fell for an alcoholic, who only cared for her self,
Whom could buy happiness, straight off the shelf.
But I know deep inside, there is a wonderful, genuine girl,
And it was her that I tried to offer the world.
But that person was hidden, deep below the facade that she wore,
The facade of a cruel, deceitful, unloving...

I am glad that it finally came to an end,
She's a toxic person, and I feel sorry for her new boyfriend.