Not that it matters greatly, but it's somewhat comforting to think about the world after mankind. I'd like to think that...

Wind farms will keep spinning on the Scottish coastline, one by one their blades will grind to a halt and stand still like a white forest.
Roads will remain etched into the plains; a cobweb upon the landscape; snakes will sunbathe on them until they are buried with all the rest.
Birds will sit and squawk on the high-tension power lines, standing monolithic and silent on the hillsides, soon to stand tall amid the trees.
Thick vines will wrap the suburban houses until they're no different from so many ancient Vietnamese ruins; inaccessible for the foliage and all the more beautiful for it.
Spiders will trap the omnipresent insects in once-gleaming stainless steel kitchens.
The million-dollar servers dotted about the planet, the sum total of human knowledge, will gather dust and rust, fading into the informational void.
Windowless skyscrapers and rusted suspension bridges will endure, casting long shadows over a landscape reborn.
Fires will sweep unopposed through the towns and cities, leaving behind opportunity for an entirely new colony.
Radio and Television frequencies will hiss incessantly with static, the ether will be devoid of talk-show hosts and infomercials.
Manicured lawns and weeded garden beds will run amok, begetting a new forest culture; one more elegantly landscaped than ever before; a chaotic harmony.
Millions of books will be a collection of meaningless symbols, soon to disintegrate and become something more, or vanish in uproarious flames.
Dwindling populations of Whales and Pandas will recuperate, or die, but nobody will care.
Volcanoes will erupt, as ever, killing flora and fauna for kilometres around, but now nobody will bemoan their loss.
Animals will kill and eat, or starve, until an equilibrium is reached again.
Continents will drift slowly through the oceans and seas, and life will adapt to fit the new frontiers of its surroundings.
Rain and sunlight will filter through the forest canopy; the ground will be bare only on the mountains, beaches and abandoned industrial rooftops.
Death and new life will be found at every turn, one system living on another.
The sun will heat the ground, the night will be still, and everything will be the way it should be.

Andromeda will still race towards The Milky Way at one thousandth the speed of light, zero will still precede one, and Caesium atoms will still vibrate with astonishing regularity.
The speck of dust that is The Planet Earth will drift through space, just as before; indistinguishable from the countless other remnants of stars long dead.

If only I could be there to see it .
Look hard enough at a mouldy slice of bread and you might just see your home town.

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