Sometime tonight


early tomorrow morning


A desperate person with a gun

will shoot a stranger

for no particular reason,   


                                           although money will be the explanation


As if the lack of cash

would make a normal person kill someone

they don't know  


Sometime tomorrow


next week 


A desperate person 

will kill someone 

for reasons only one person knows, but 


                                            he won't be alive to tell us   







reQuest 2018

It's the details that stand out

no two people alike
sometimes their words stay with me

complicated multifaceted flashing
not gems but stars
distant from each other
burning and so complex
I could study one forever

sometimes their words stay with me

a fast heart rate
"feels like a salmon swimming upstream in my chest"
with a hand making a salmon jumping motion

ear pain
"like someone is kicking me over and over
in the ear with the metal tip of a pointed cowboy boot"

won't take statins
"because I don't want to end up a drooling idiot
in a diaper"

the young man from a group home
where the staff insists his head hurts
The CT shows a sinus mass: they are right.

anything else?
"You have not made me feel like I am twenty"
from a 91 year old

each star visits me

never before and never again

no two alike

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