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How can one define sex? A (silly) definition would be: "the insertion of the penis into the vagina". Then again, that is the Collins English Dictionary definition, so maybe it's not that silly. Well, actually, the CED says it is followed by "thrusting motions" and culminates in orgasm. So who knows? I think that obviously, orgasm plays no part in defining sex. (N.B. the CED does not mention WHO orgasms.)

As I write this node, there is an avid discussion is the Chatterbox about this, about mormons and what not. DMan says oral sex isn't sex, and there seems to be a general acceptance to this. So lets take it a bit further:
Is anal sex considered sex? Most gay men would think so. Or can't gay men have sex? How about lesbians? Can you have sex with dildos? Or going down on each other? Where do we draw the line?
A girl recently asked me if just entering is considered sex. A tough one. Is it? Are two thrusts sex? Are 10? Is oral sex to orgasm sex? How about oral sex without orgasm?
I've heard of women who give oral sex freely and yet claim to be virgins. Well, maybe they are and maybe they're not.

I really wish I could sum up brilliantly, and give a resounding answer, but I can't. I just have to leave this question open.

But please feel free to add your opinions, as I would love it if this question was resolved.