Whoa! Those tips are really useful! I never thought about putting my clothes back on before starting the elevator again. And good thing jb mentioned to watch out for glass elevators! Thank God I read that before I had sex in a glass elevator in the mall where they were shooting the evening news.

But I think that some more tips should be added. All of these, of course, are from personal experience.

  • Regardless of what you usually say or scream during sex, try not to shout things like "Oh my God, somebody please help me, I'm dying in here," or "Somebody call the fire brigade".

  • On a related note: if you're having sex in your boy/girlfriend's apartment building, and there is a good chance their parents are currently wating for the elevator, don't shout things like, "Oh, yes, Jeremy, fuck me harder, yes, come all over my face."

  • Don't get too romantic. In particular, Don't light candles!. If something catches fire, you're fucked (no pun intended), because you're not supposed to use the elevator during a fire!

  • If you're used to using a vibrator, use a battery operated one, because most elevators don't have a socket.

  • Although it's tempting, don't have sex with more people than the elevator is supposed to hold. If it is a 6 person maximum elevator, have sex with no more than 5 people at one time. With all the moving around, you might put too much strain on the elevator, and plummet to your death.

  • This is similar to the last point. Remember, an elevator can only handle a certain weight. Check the maximum weight before you decide whom you are going to have sex with. For example, few elevators can support the weight of a grown cow. If you really wish to have sex with an animal in an elevator, consider a sheep, or even a chicken.

  • Try to clean up. Be a friendly neighbour.
And most importantly: