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To rid the world of bad guys who like to... Loot and Plunder ("You'll pay for this, Captain Planet!")
Judaism, Israeli History, Modern American Coinage, Mathematics, and Political Science. I program quite a bit too, but don't node about it.
Mottos are for people who would rather discuss doing than actually do anything. And that's me.
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Is Jerusalem really sacred to Islam?
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OK, my current goal is to attain a Node-Fu of 10. 15.

I've decided to decline XP for voting. It's a simple deal; I want to have my XP be a measure of how well I'm writing. I don't need the XP, and I'd love to see my Node-fu drop to a point that is maintainable, and then slowly begin to rise again as my writeups (gasp) actually improve.

What's really important

dead rat game (thing) by zhaus Spinning the rat on the tail needs more and more practice , but can you do it! It is to be done to play the game to fun. Having the rat the First Person spin it over it's tail. Run away he does then so other friends left look at rat spin fun. Then&he make fun of other friend s because they're not knowing what fun comes next. He take hose and sprays friends so fun! They get mad but he talk to them, "they were silly fun to watch dead rat." Then all are funny happy .

Took a lot to live a lot like you - Wow. Brainfuck.