This is an interactive DVD video game, which can be played on any standard DVD player. This game makes extensive use of the interactivity available in a DVD, and even offers the game player a way to save a game. The DVD is based on the original CD-ROM version of the game.

There are three Sherlock Holmes mysteries presented to solve, The Mummy's Curse, The Tin Soldier, and The Mystified Murderess . Each mystery is prefaced with a short video clip to give you background and some initial clues. The main player interface is a desk on which you can find newspapers, a notepad, an address book, and a gavel. The newspapers offer you further clues, and then you use your address book and notepad to investigate your leads. You can also send spies (The Irregulars) out to obtain information. Once you think you have solved the mystery, you select the gavel from the desk to see the judge.

Overall, this is a great DVD. However, I found some of the mysteries rather difficult to solve. The producers, in their infinite wisdom, (or due to complaints from users) offer hints on their website (